Michael Gomez

You could say I am genetically predisposed to not only photography, but the business of weddings. I've been around photography my entire life; some of my earliest memories are those of a camera pointed my direction, coupled with the sounds of my siblings trying to get a smile out of the curly-haired baby of the family. I am the product of a mother-father duo who, for a time in the glorious 1970s, turned their talents into a much enjoyed side-business. They started a small, but mighty word-of-mouth operation. Dad captured the wedding  with his camera and Mom baked stunning multi-tiered cakes that provided a sweet finish to a beautiful day. Today, I continue the tradition of combining the power of the lens and an astute artistic eye to preserve all the elements of a beautiful wedding day or simply those precious, fleeting moments of human experience. 

I approach wedding photography with  the pursuit of capturing intimate moments on such a momentous day. It's an honor to be allowed the privilege of documenting love and to constantly witness how powerful it can be between two people. I don't take for granted that I am to be privy not only a momentous occasion, but also to cross paths with wonderful individuals.

When not shooting weddings, you'll most likely find me attempting to satiate my hunger for absorbing the beauty of the natural world with my lens. Whether it be the beaches, desert, or mountains, I love that the Earth's terrain is an ever-changing canvas that challenges me to carefully craft each photograph, being present without being seen. In these moments I am lost as a voyeur, captivated by the raw creation around us.